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Our streets now board recruitment

Our Streets Now are looking for a founding group of pro-bono board members to formalise and guide our grassroots, youth-led movement. We are looking for passionate and committed individuals to not only govern our organisation but also help us strategically plan for the future.


We are actively seeking individuals from a range of cultures and communities, with different lived and professional experiences that bring with them important and unique knowledge.


We want our Board to:


  • Provide us with the necessary governance oversight over our legal and financial duties as we become a Community Interest Company. 

  • Be highly involved in our strategic planning, giving us detailed advice on how to run our campaign in the short and longer-term. 

  • For certain responsibilities on the Board, particularly the legal, finance and fundraising aspects, we will expect some degree of management of our delivery due to these being underdeveloped areas within the campaign.


As well as general non-executive roles, we are hiring a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. 

All the information you need to learn more and apply is in the Board Recruitment Pack. The deadline for submissions is the 7th March. 

Download documents by clicking on the links below:

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