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Educating every child in the UK about public sexual harassment



Our vision is for every young person to be taught about public sexual harassment (PSH), its root causes and its impacts in school. We hope to raise a generation who are equipped to challenge harassment, oppression, and prejudice; to empathise with those who experience it; and who never become perpetrators of this everyday violence. 




  1. To provide free resources to pupils and lesson plans to teachers. All our resources are guided by the teachers, parents and secondary school pupils who support us.  


  1. To support solutions and campaigns created by current secondary school pupils. We provide free workshops and events for pupils who want to make a difference.

  2. To campaign for PSH to be included in the statutory Relationships and Sex Education guidance. Education policy must focus on challenging the root causes of this violence rather than the socially-learned behaviours of individuals.

Interested in tackling PSH through education?

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If you are a teacher, pupil, alumni, parent or youth leader, then fill in your details below to receive all our resources by email:

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We have created these free of charge resources to help you make a positive change in your schools and communities. If you teach them, we'd love your feedback. Email us at OSNschools@outlook.com or fill in this feedback form.

REPORT And findings

We are committed to our work being guided by the voices of secondary school pupils, so we conducted a piece of research where we asked 153 pupils about what they wanted to be different.




of pupils
have never been
taught about PSH
in school


of pupils
don't feel confident reporting PSH to a member of the school staff


of pupils
who did report PSH described receiving a negative response from staff

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Summer Changemakers Programme

Our Streets Now is looking for engaged 14-18 year-olds of all genders to participate in our summer programme to become Our Streets Now Changemakers. The programme consists of five two-hour workshop sessions across the summer holidays. With a team of other like-minded young people and support from Our Streets Now facilitators, you will design a campaign to address one aspect of public sexual harassment. 

Sign up here by the 25th of July. Any questions, email us at OSNschools@outlook.com.

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Our Schools Now have two panels made up of motivated, passionate individuals that act as a sounding board to help inform what we do. One is for current students, and the second is for school staff and parents of children in education. Our panels ensure that our work is relevant and inclusive.

We also try to help our panel members develop their own related projects. To enquire about openings, please get in touch at applyOSN@outlook.com.


Not in Our Schools Workshop

In April, we joined forces with Sisterhood and ran a two-day workshop called Not in Our Schools for 16-18 year olds. The aim was to explore the challenges of tackling PSH in a safe environment and use creativity to design resources that can make a difference. Keep an eye out over the next few months to see what our Not in Our Schools Ambassadors are up to!


“Everyone was super friendly and understanding, we worked quickly and have produced a well-formed idea that could be very successful, I am so proud of it & sooo glad I came it was worth every minute”

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Supporting Organisations


Here are the incredible organisations we love that are tackling public sexual harassment (PSH). If you are a youth or SRE organisation wanting to support the movement to end PSH, get in touch at OSNschools@outlook.com. We would love to hear from you or work with you.

Logo Blagrave.png

The Blagrave Trust supports our work by funding us to promote learning and awareness-raising in schools about public sexual harassment through training young activists, parents and teachers, creating materials, and developing partnerships with others offering RSE education.

logo Sisterhood.png

Sisterhood is a grassroots, social enterprise where all self-identifying girls and gender expanding youth can design their place in the world. We are working in collaboration with Sisterhood to offer workshops and events for young people to take action on public sexual harassment.

logo sexpression.png

Sexpression:UK is an amazing near-peer led organisation offering free and comprehensive education on relationships, sex and sexuality. Working in collaboration with Our Streets Now, they now offer sessions to schools on public sexual harassment (PSH). You can contact your local Sexpression branch here and find out if they can help you tackle PSH at your school.