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Educating every child in the UK about Public Sexual Harassment

The majority of schoolchildren in the UK are not taught about street harassment, despite the fact that 2 in 3 girls will be subject to this violence (Plan UK, 2016).


On 2nd September 2020, we launched “Our Schools Now”, a new campaign to include public sexual harassment as part of PSHE/RSE lessons in schools.

In doing so, we hope to raise a new generation of girls who never blame themselves for the harassment they will likely face, and a generation of boys who never become perpetrators of this everyday violence.


Here are our 4 priorities:


  • To reduce the shame and stigma for victims of PSH

  • To prevent boys from ever becoming perpetrators of PSH

  • To tackle myths around victim blaming 

  • To promote bystander intervention


The campaign is launching a wide range of resources for teachers and students to use, and releasing the findings of its “Our Schools Now” report.
Use the resources below, whether you are a student, alumni, parent or teacher, to help us make this change. 

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One school at a time, we can change society.

We deserve to feel safe and be safe in public space.

Want to help us tackle PSH through education?

Sign-up to our interactive community to find out how to get involved


1. Our Schools Now Report

The report, based on an in-depth survey with over 150 students and recent school leavers, found that: 


  • Only 14% of students had been taught about public sexual harassment 

  • 47% of students said they would not report an incident of public sexual harassment to their school either because they did not know how to or feared not being taken seriously by staff

  • 72% of pupils who did report public sexual harassment described receiving a negative response from their school, with the majority of participants stating that no real action was taken.

2. TEacHER resources

Do you work with children? Use these resources to facilitate teaching of PSH in your school, youth or faith groups. Click on the links below


Are you a school or university student? Use these resources to teach yourself and encourage your institution to do more!
Click on the links below

4. Our Schools Now Press release