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It started with a conversation.

Two sisters, 15 and 21, spoke about how they experience the world as young women.

About feeling afraid walking home at night.

About being harassed in their school uniform.

About how their lives were restricted by the fear of harassment.



 a campaign demanding the right of women, girls and marginalised genders to be safe in public space. 

Channelling this anger into change, they decided to start a petition.


Hundreds of women, girls and marginalised genders went online to share their stories of being insulted, followed and assaulted on the streets of Britain. Soon enough, thousands of voices were joining the Our Streets Now movement, tired of harassment being a ‘normal’ part of growing up a girl.


Our Streets Now became a community determined to challenge the myths and taboos stopping this topic from being discussed, and challenged, out in the open.

 IN LESS   THAN   100   DAYS 



 100,000   SIGNATURES

Our Streets Now is a national campaign demanding an end to public sexual harassment

Here's how : 







As a society, we need to have a conversation 

about public sexual harassment (PSH). 


We need to centre the impact of PSH.

We need to recognise the prevalence of PSH.

We need to educate our children to end PSH .

Our laws reflect our society, so we need specific legislation 

tackling this issue.

Public sexual harassment must be made a criminal offence.

Countries across the world have introduced legislation tackling PSH,
why can’t we?


 Women and girls should feel safe. 

 Women and girls should be safe. 

Tell us your story of public sexual harassment. 

Your voice is powerful. Your story is important.

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