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Creating spaces of dialogue, fostering collective learning, and appreciating member’s lived experiences.

Our Words was created as an opportunity for the OSN community to engage with one another, creating spaces of dialogue. We foster collective learning, appreciating members' lived experiences, knowledge, and interest. Our Words believes that, as a society, we need to talk about public sexual harassment (PSH), recognising its prevalence and severity and educating children and adults about it. We also must discuss about PSH-related topics (e.g., gender-based violence, mental health, gender norms and stereotypes, sexism, racism, etc.) and learn how oppressive structures and discriminatory practices contribute to the daily suffering and exclusion of many, especially women and marginalised genders. Our Words promote such conversations through our Literary Magazine, Book Club and the Events we create.


Literary Magazine

The Literary Magazine has the primary aim of opening conversations on topics that society does not regularly discuss or deem taboo. Through a blend between Academic and non-Academic language, writers explore specific issues, presenting research, books, and their lived experiences. We feature articles, poems, book reviews, interviews with authors, short stories and opinion pieces; and illustrators bring these pieces to life through their art. 


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Do you want to write or illustrate for the magazine? We are actively seeking individuals from a range of cultures and communities with different lived and professional experiences that bring with them important and unique knowledge. Send us an email.

Literary Magazine
Book Club

Book Club

We suggest one book every month for members to read on different themes, such as mental health, gender-based violence, human rights, feminist theories, etc. As a step to decolonise knowledge production and knowledge-sharing, we promote books written in languages other than English, and we celebrate non-English authors/stories. Join us!

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Often, we interview writers, authors, activists, and academics on different topics to learn more about the work they do and how they are actors of change. Check out our live events, lectures, books/essays recommendations, writing competitions and collaborations with activists and organisations at @ourwords_osn.

If you are interested in collaborating with us, send us an email.

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