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Georgia wins the UNwomen UK Safer streets Award!

Updated: Mar 18

Llongyfarchiadau Georgia and to everyone on the Schools team.

She's only gone and done it - Georgia Theodoulou our Strategy Lead for Wales has won the UN Women's Safer-Streets champion award. We at Our Streets Now are so thrilled. Georgia's work as a tireless feminist campaigner has known no bounds, taking her to The Senedd to sunny Spain! -2023 has been a year where she has really led the way on intersectional leadership, calling for change and actually delivering on it.

Our Georgia went down to London to accept and dedicated the award to everyone at Our Streets Now, thanking the Schools team and of course, her Mum who accompanied her to the award ceremony.

She tweeted 'A very surreal night last night, but honoured to have been awarded the UN Women UK Safe Spaces Champion award, for tackling public harassment.

"An absolute honour (which hasn’t quite yet sunk in!) to be awarded the UN Women UK Safe Spaces Champion award last night.
To have our work at Our Streets Now in tackling the public sexual harassment of women, girls and marginalised genders highlighted and celebrated, specifically our achievements in Wales, was truly special, and to be able to accept this award with my Mum made it even better"

Congratulations to all the other winners and nominees! To say that last night was inspirational and a beacon of light in an otherwise very dark time, wouldn’t be doing it justice.

Our Streets Now wants to also congratulate the other candidates, all of them are inspirational and we are in awe of all of you. In particular Eliza Hatch, one of our education facilitators and co founder of Cheer Up Luv - A photo web-series and platform retelling accounts of public sexual harassment.

So once again, congratulations to Georgia and to everyone on the Schools team. You make Our Streets Now so proud.

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