Our three artists illustrated themselves, each in their own style, showing the diversity of not only the campaign, but its message. We must recognise the strength and power of activists, Our Streets Now owes everything to the incredible people who both run and support it!

Team Our Streets print A5

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  • Karolina- Bubble text, background and left character

    Karolina Jonc Buczek is a Polish illustrator and graphic designer based in South London. In her practice, she mostly works with themes of body positivity, mental health and Polish culture. For more info go to www.karolinajoncbuczek.com

    Ebrul: Middle character

    Ebrul is a Turkish-Cypriot illustrator and designer, based in South-East London. In many of her work she likes to depict scenes and portraits in outer space, by using bright vibrant colours. She mostly themes her art around self love and self worth. And she regularly injects her own inner expressions and thoughts into her illustrations. She’s always inspired by her Turkish culture and her love of sci-fi movies! For more information about Ebrul and her work, check out her Instagram @ebrulillustrates and take a look at her shop where she sells prints and mugs! https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/ebrulillustrates

    Sravya: Right character

    Sravya Attaluri is an independent illustrator and graphic designer based out of Hong Kong. As a third-cultured indian woman, she is dedicated to creating art that destigmatises mental health by depicting every day realities while being inclusive and diverse.  She likes to collaborate with like-minded individuals and companies that
    are interested in raising awareness about the importance of mental health, self-care, and equality. You can see more about her at artbysravs.com

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