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The Alarming Increase in Abuse of Women During the Euros

As the excitement and fervour of the UEFA European Championship, commonly known as the Euros, captures the hearts of millions, an unsettling and often overlooked issue comes to light: the increase in abuse of women during this time. For many, football is a source of joy and unity, but for too many women, it becomes a period of fear and suffering. This blog aims to shed light on this pressing issue, emphasize the importance of education, and call for concerted efforts to protect and empower women. 



The Link Between Football Tournaments and Domestic Abuse 


Studies and reports have shown a disturbing correlation between major football tournaments and a spike in domestic abuse cases. The reasons behind this increase are multifaceted: 


  1. Heightened Emotions and Alcohol Consumption. 

  1. Toxic Masculinity. 

  1. Cultural Acceptance of Violence. 


The heightened emotions associated with football matches, coupled with increased alcohol consumption, can exacerbate aggressive behaviours. Traditional notions of masculinity, often linked with aggression and dominance, can become more pronounced during sports events, leading to abusive behaviours. Additionally, in some communities, violence against women is normalised or ignored, and football matches can act as a trigger for such latent behaviours. 


Behind the statistics are real women with harrowing stories. Many report feeling anxious and unsafe during football matches, fearing that a loss or even a victory could lead to violent outbursts from their partners. For some, the abuse is verbal; for others, it is physical. The psychological toll is immense, leaving long-lasting scars. 


The Role of Education in Combating Abuse 


Education is a powerful tool in the fight against domestic abuse. Raising awareness about the link between football and domestic abuse can help communities acknowledge the problem and take proactive steps to prevent it. Providing women with information about their rights, support systems, and self-defence can empower them to seek help and protect themselves. Long-term educational programs aimed at young men and boys can challenge and change toxic attitudes towards women and violence. Furthermore, educating communities about available resources and support networks can ensure that women know where to turn if they find themselves in abusive situations. 


To address these issues effectively, we must embrace various educational content. Books like "Why Does He Do That?" by Lundy Bancroft and "No Visible Bruises" by Rachel Louise Snyder provide deep insights into the psychology of abusive relationships and the systemic issues surrounding domestic violence. Documentaries such as "The Mask You Live In" explore the impacts of toxic masculinity on men and boys, offering valuable perspectives on preventing violence from its roots. Podcasts like "Something Was Wrong" share real-life stories of abuse survivors, offering solace and solidarity to those who feel alone in their struggles. These resources can be transformative, fostering understanding and empathy while providing practical advice for prevention and support. 




NGOs and Community Efforts: Leading the Charge 


Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) play a crucial role in addressing this issue. By focusing on education and community outreach, NGOs can conduct workshops and seminars aimed at both men and women, addressing the root causes of domestic abuse and promoting healthier behaviours. Establishing safe havens for women during football matches, where they can seek refuge if they feel threatened, is another essential step. NGOs can also collaborate with law enforcement and policymakers to ensure stricter enforcement of laws against domestic violence, creating a safer environment for everyone. 


Moreover, promoting media campaigns that challenge the normalisation of abuse during football tournaments can raise awareness and change societal attitudes. Campaigns like "Football United Against Domestic Violence" by Women's Aid use the platform of football to spread powerful messages against domestic abuse. These initiatives show that everyone, from players to fans, has a role to play in ending violence against women. 



The increase in abuse of women during the Euros is a sobering reminder of the work that still needs to be done to ensure safety and equality for all. Education is not just a tool but a necessity in this fight. By raising awareness, challenging toxic behaviours, and empowering women, we can create a world where football remains a joyous celebration for everyone, free from fear and violence. 

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A significant rise in domestic violence cases was linked to the tournament, particularly on match days and following a loss by the home team.

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