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OUR Books NoW

Our Books Now is OSN’s very own book club. It is an opportunity for the OSN community to engage with one another, creating spaces of dialogue. Our Books Now’s primary aim is collective learning. It appreciates its members’ experiences, knowledge, and interest. Our Books Now suggests one book every month for members to read on feminism, mental health, VAWG, human rights, and social structures. To decolonize knowledge production and knowledge-sharing, Our Books Now aim to celebrate non-English authors/stories and promote books written in other languages.

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The FB Group acts as a forum for members to talk about the book’s aspects that they feel important to highlight and elements that they want to talk more about with each other. @ourbooksnow Instagram will be promoting live events, lectures and essays recommendations, and writing competitions and collaborations with other book-related accounts. Our Books Now seeks to exchange knowledge through books, but not only. Both the FB group and Instagram account will foster short stories, essays, academic articles, music, films, and art that relate to books. During its first year, Our Books Now will link the book recommendations with the #BeABetterAlly Calendar

Literary Magazine

Our Words, featuring various writing pieces on topics covered by inspiring books.

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If you are interested in collaborating with us, send us an email at ourbooksnowosn@outlook.com



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